Acupuncture is a five thousand year old practice that involves the insertion of needles into the skin along twelve body meridians to stimulate certain points for the purpose of balancing vital energy, also called Qi. The needles themselves are thinner than a human hairs and usually do not cause pain. Research suggests it is effective for pain management, but it can also be used for treatment of a variety of disorders and illnesses.


Dr. Chen has recently completed an 8-month meditation sabbatical, in which he focused on developing medical and spiritual vision and intuition, which he hopes to integrate into his future work. Dr. Chen believes that illness and disease have physical, emotional, and spiritual causes, and that their treatment and full resolution requires attention to each of these components. In his practice, Dr. Chen brings together Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, viewing your health from multiple perspectives, and finds the patterns in your health and disease that most other providers don’t see.  He is interested in understanding you fully, and he feels that the more understanding he has of you, the more effective his treatments can be.  


Is Dr. Howard Chen a medical doctor?
Yes, Dr. Howard Chen is a medical doctor.  He is board certified in Family Medicine and additionally board certified in Integrative Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, and Medical Acupuncture.

Is this the same Dr. Chen that used to work at Renown doing Acupuncture?
Yes. However, he’s not with Renown anymore, and has opened up his own practice here at Healing One. 

Will Dr. Chen be my Primary Care doctor?
No. Dr. Chen recommends that you have a primary care doctor who can take care of your Western Medicine needs, such as prescriptions, lab work, imaging, and vaccinations.  Our office at Healing One is not set up to be a primary care office.   


Will Dr. Chen write me prescriptions?
Although he has full and unrestricted prescribing privileges in Nevada, Dr. Chen is unlikely to write you a prescription.  He is much more interested in performing acupuncture, recommending herbs and supplements, and discussing your lifestyle

But can I still ask him medical questions and have him take a look at my results?
Yes, of course - Dr. Chen is happy to put all the pieces of medical information together to improve his ability to treat you. 

Do you take insurance?
No. We don’t take insurance.  Our services are cash pay only, but there are many discounts that we offer.  Yes, I know your insurance covers acupuncture. We may be able to generate a bill that you can send to your insurance company. 

I have [any] condition or illness or disease - can or will Dr. Chen treat me?
Yes.  Dr. Chen’s treatments will benefit almost any condition, illness, or disease.

I haven’t had acupuncture before.   What can I expect?
When you first arrive, we ask that you check in with reception and fill out any paperwork required. Feel free to have some organic tea or elevated water while you relax in our Chill Lounge, Dr. Chen will come greet you and take you to your private room. You will generally have a talk with Dr. Chen, then he’ll have you lie face up on our heated massage table. He’ll usually put needles into the arms below the elbows, the legs below the knees, and in your scalp and/or your ear.  You don’t have to take off your clothes, just make the skin of those areas available. You’ll lie quietly for approximately 40 min, usually falling asleep during the process.

How can I find out more about Dr. Chen?
You can take a look at his website by clicking the link below!


10AM - 3PM

We book acupuncture appointments in hour long sessions within a private room. Acupuncture appointments can be before or after any float, massage, or sauna session. Please be sure to wear clothing where your arms, lower legs, scalp, and ears are accessible.