Debra Cummins

“The cause of all pain and negative emotion is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” - Gary Craig, Emotional Freedom Technique

In order to identify, address, and heal, we must understand how and why problems arise in our energy system. During a free phone consultation with Debra, you discuss and decide the best modality to assist you with your goals for self healing before your office visit. Energy work can be useful to  prepare for surgery, sport training, speeches, important meetings, physical and emotional pain, raising your energy, self protection and grounding.

Debra has been trained in both allopathic and alternative medicine. She believes that there are benefits to working with  doctors, therapists, etc. in order to treat the whole person.


If you desire a higher quality of life, Debra will provide a safe, nurturing environment for you to heal and transform.

- Certified Psycho-Spiritual Hypnotherapist
- 8th Generation Dr. Usui Reiki, Master Energy Practitioner and Teacher
- Emotional Freedom Technique: Self Healing Physical or Emotional Pain
- Theta Healing: Manifesting and Abundance, Theta Healing Basic and Advanced DNA, Theta Healing Digging Deeper
- Energy Boundaries and Chakra Balancing
- Shamanic Healing Practitioner
- Advanced Soul Retrieval and Integration