Amanda Hernandez

Imagine a place where you can mentally escape to let go of all that no longer serves you; an intended balance of mind and body in essence... My name is Amanda Hernandez, and I aim to serve this individualized experience to each body I am privileged to work with. Massage is more than making a muscle feel better - it is allowing for a deeper healing within to take place. Each massage is served with the intent of bringing all bodies to a state of One. By allowing the physical to rest, spirit is able to let go, creating the space for balance inside and Oneness throughout. My blended style empowers you to stay relaxed through those deeper techniques. My background in childcare helped me gain a gentler approach and a greater understanding of healing. Being first generation born in the United States, I grew up in a blended culture, and experiencing multiple cultures simultaneously gave me a mindset open and adept at “another way.” I believe massage therapy became a part of me to express a similar diversity within healing.


At a young age, society throws us in a classroom and teaches us all the same way. What if we had the opportunity to learn on a more individualized basis? A big goal for me is to help understand the map to how unique each of us is. The earlier wec an create good habits the easier it becomes to shape our lives - one of the most profound discoveries at 19. I realized how the importance of caring for ourselves from the inside out starting with our diet and gut health. It fueled me to cover a more whole and well rounded approach to healing both body and mind. I believe the energetic body uses the physical body to communicate; listen and be guided to what is needed deeper within. I also believe the big picture is key, not just honing in on all of the little pieces. All in its respective timing, trust that things happen to create our stepping stones to the next space. Trust and follow!

This has lead me to a blended style of Fascial Freedom Therapy and Rejuvenation techniques. Accessing deeper work less invasively, which allows for that relaxing feel we all love. I focus on promoting fresh and healthy energy flow throughout the body, preventing stagnation and build up that may cloud us at times.

My intuition helps me bring forth the best healing sessions for you. I do full-body integration using less intense therapeutic techniques with both relaxing and rejuvenating effects and providing space for letting go.

Licensed by NV State Board of Massage Therapy