Elena Charles

Elena is a nurturer by nature and strives to make those around her happy, harmonious, and healthy. She studied massage therapy, as well as many other holistic healing practices, at The Bodhi Tree Center for Healing Arts in Carson City, Nevada.

      Elena's massage style is well rounded and effective, utilizing maximum contact surfaces for intense relaxation, while incorporating deeply therapeutic techniques, she moves around the body in an endless flow. She specializes in Interactive Fascial Therapy, a therapeutic modality that focuses on releasing superficial connective tissue layers with deep intention. This technique is extremely effective for a wide range of musculoskeletal ailments such as acute muscle tension, chronic pain, post injury, post surgical scar tissue, etc.

      After studying a multitude of energetic healing modalities Elena has integrated many of them to create a unique healing experience. At the most basic level she acts as a conduit, creating a Sacred Space for your system to observe and release anything that no loner serves a positive purpose for you.


More specific energy healing sessions include any combination or sole use of the following: Chakra System Work, Guided Self Care Energy Healing, Energy Healing Massage, Guided Quantum Reset. 

Elena believes that wellness begins in your roots; if the basis of your life is rooted in wellness any growth from that point will be well. To be grounded and balanced in your life is to have stable roots. As humans it is our bodies that root us and so we must take excellent care of them! Manifest wellness in your life by utilizing your time here wisely, listening to your body, caring for your body, and loving yourself whole-heartedly.

Licensed by NV State Board of Massage Therapy