Linda Berlemann

Linda moved to Reno around the age she was in middle school and has called it home since (minus a couple years she spent exploring the beaches of Santa Cruz after her son was born ten years ago). She chose massage therapy after a friend bought her the first massage she’d receive; the spark to her journey. There was a healer in her, and this friend understood Linda was looking for a direction in which to place that energy. After receiving her first massage, Linda immediately enrolled in the Milan Institute for Massage Therapy and began her formal education.


She was fortunate enough to trade sessions with her former massage instructor for a several years while providing massage services at a handful of small businesses in Reno, wherein which she came across many teachers for her trade and felt blessed to be able to trade services with a therapist that has 12 years experience and many certifications. She receives a ninety minute massage every three weeks, sees a chiropractor weekly, and floats as her basic healthcare regime.

Linda feels blessed to be able to provide preventative care in such a healing environment for her occupation. She provides a sedative and therapeutic massage and has found that slow and controlled work serves her technique well, and she is able to attend to the individual needs for each client as there are many forms of therapeutic massage. She focuses on listening to the client’s spoken and unspoken communication and is able to provide the correct pressure each muscle needs. Specifically, she excels with slow and controlled release of lactic acid within each muscle. She tries to provide a more sedative therapeutic approach, dependent upon what the client is in favor of for that session.

Massage has been a journey of healing and self care for Linda as much as it has been utilized as such by her clients. She sees the magnificent power in positive intention, action, and thought, and she takes great care to be able to do this consistently. She is grateful to have run into wonderful healers during her journey that have shared some of their best revelations with her so she can provide the best possible healing, and she is excited to be presented with many more as a part of the Healing One staff.

Licensed by NV State Board of Massage Therapy