Lisa Maylath

I specialize in intuitive therapeutic techniques that improve mobility and flexibility, reduce pain, and expedite the healing process. I incorporate energy balancing and healing techniques into every massage producing a state of deep relaxation and relief from physical and emotional stress.

I believe deeply in the body’s ability to heal itself when physical and emotional energy blockages are released and the person is committed to healthy self-care and positive thinking. What we conceive and believe, we achieve. I consider myself more of a healing coach or partner, than one performing “healing”.

My passion is empowering people to achieve life goals in addition to health goals. Often times in a session, I will feel relationship tension, an unhealthy belief, or a life/past life event, that is keeping a client “stuck in a rut”. I receive psychic clues to help us identify the issue and we work together to release and heal it with love and light.

Prior to enrolling in massage school, I suffered from severe back pain and sciatica due to a herniated disc. The cause was physical and emotional strain following my father’s death.


Guided by my Reiki Master, Pilates/physical therapy instructors, and massage professionals, I learned to heal myself and to help others. After graduation, I was hired as a massage therapist for Rapid Rehab, a Pilates-based physical therapy office in Las Vegas.

My husband and I moved to Reno in 2007, and before our furniture could arrive, I gave birth to our one and only son Joshua, who arrived 3 months early! There’s a miracle story if you are ever want to be inspired. A couple years later, I started my own business as an independent contractor, licensed massaged therapist at various locations. I feel very blessed to now be a part of the Healing One team and share in their vision to bring good health to everyONE willing to open up and allow themselves to become the healer in their own lives.

I’ve had many careers in demanding environments, so I can definitely relate to your stress! My resume includes: General Mills Sales Manager, Indiana National Bank Branch Manager, Elementary School Teacher, and MOTHER! Now I get to go to work to relax …ahhhh. When I am not working, I enjoy family time, self-healing/spiritual activities, hiking, Pickleball, art, and music.

Licensed by NV State Board of Massage Therapy