Mea Cozad

I practice a dynamic therapeutic massage which helps to relax the nervous system and relieve pain and tension from the body. I have taken all of my favorite parts of massage to create the kind of session which I would most like to receive myself. In addition to massage I offer various kinds of energy work which can be easily integrated into a massage or done as stand alone treatments. 

I believe that the deepest, most profound healing experiences happen when we work on not just the physical, but the spiritual and mental as well. When we begin to explore these layers, we begin to see our truer self and live a more authentic and meaningful life. I am passionate about delving into these realms and consider myself to be an ever-evolving student, devoted to the service of providing space for the healing of body, spirit, and mind. 

I am always humbled by the incredible depths this work takes me; always learning, growing, and receiving a deeper connection to Wholeness as I work with others on their unique journeys. 


Nothing makes me happier than to provide this space for you, for whatever is needed in a particular day and a particular moment. I feel so fortunate and honored to be able to make my living serving the human body and all that it holds.

Licensed by NV State Board of Massage Therapy