Terms & Policies


It is suggested that you book at least a week ahead if your schedule is very tight, several days if your schedule is more open. Float suites can be booked online no less than two hours ahead of schedule. We welcome same day inquires, as float suites and massage therapists may be available. To inquire about same day appointments, call our shop at 775-499-5393.


If you have to cancel, please give us 24 hours heads up, or at least the day before during business hours. Day of cancellations usually incur a $40 cancellation fee per service.


Please check in with reception when you arrive. If it is your first time as a guest at Healing One, plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out paperwork and relax in our Chill lounge. Our float techs will offer you some elevated water or tea while you fill out your waivers and watch our First Time Floaters video. Staff will be available to answer any questions or concerns before walking you through your float suite.


Feel free to make your float techs and healers aware of any medical concerns you may have before a service. It is rare, but some conditions do require a doctors approval beforehand.


Our website uses Google Analytics, and in order to provide a better website experience we use cookies. We may email our customers with special promotional offers but any email subscriber has the option to opt out with one click. We will never share any customer contact or personal information with any party.