6 Ways Floating Will Help You Through The Holidays


The holiday season is full of hustle and bustle, and you may be asking yourself how you can keep your cool while getting everything done this winter. Seasonal stress can take a toll on the body and the mind, building you up for a harried and demanding holiday that can leave you feeling left out in the cold.

Luckily, there are many available resources for healing and the alleviation of tension. With these tips about floating as a helping tool, everyone will be wondering what kept you so collected this season.

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  1. Manage Stress & Anxiety

    Wanting some peace and quiet for yourself? Our lives can be extremely hectic and it only seems to ramp up near the end of the year as we scramble to shop, travel, host parties, or entertain relatives. Numerous studies show that floatation therapy is effective at reducing stress hormones and blood pressure. Reducing stimuli and quieting the mind will have a marked effect on brain waves, bringing you to a theta meditative state. This aura of rejuvenation will continue to be present for several days after exiting the tank!

  2. Ward Off Those Winter Blues

    As winter brings longer and colder evenings, feeling melancholy is often a natural seasonal reaction. Winter is a time of decreased motion and wakefulness for most species, and it is estimated that 14-20% of people have mood changes when the seasons turn. The encompassing warmth of a float tank or massage table can create a sense of comfort and safety, like drinking a warm cup of cocoa. Taking some time for your self care can greatly improve mood and mental clarity.

  3. Rest Your Body

    Because of it’s one-of-a-kind environment, a float chamber allows your body to naturally decompress and sink into relaxation. Epsom salt in the water will create buoyancy, leaving space for your spine and joints to open gently, similar to when you sleep. Float tank temperatures are kept close to external body temperature (around 93-94 degrees), and the warmth will increase circulation and relieve tired muscles. Whether you’re speed shopping or winter sporting, floatation therapy can help your body heal and recover at heightened rates.

  4. Sleep Quality

    One of the best things you can do to bring cortisol levels down is to get a good nights rest. Not only is sleep good for the body, it is good for sharpening and cleansing the mind. Magnesium sulfate within the water will absorb through your skin, incorporating a whole host of benefits including maintaining a healthy sleep cycle. Improving sleep quality can have a vast impact on other aspects of your body which brings us to...

  5. Bolster the Immune System

    Colder weather means people are indoors in close quarters, increasing the chances of infection. Reduced stimuli allows your body to direct energy more efficiently to where it is needed most — building up defenses against bugs and viruses. Epsom salt also helps to draw out toxins that are weakening your immune system, allowing your body to focus on strengthening itself. Combined with a balanced diet and simple hand washing, self care can keep you in good health this winter.

  6. Simplify Gifting

    It’s a week before gift giving and in the rush of travel and preparing a feast, you’re still not sure what to give your loved ones? Gifting someone a float is easy and hassle-free. Services at Healing One are bundled into packages for your convenience as well as to maximize value, making it easy to share a unique experience with any number of friends and family!

    Healing One will be open for the holiday season at 235 Redfield Parkway, Suite 103, Reno, NV. We provide packaged deals and membership specials, as well as individual services, gift cards, and complementary organic, hand blended tea with your service. You can contact the center at 775-499-5393. Hours are 8am – 8pm Friday – Wednesday; Thurdays 12pm – 8pm. Additional information and online scheduling is available at healingone.world

Chaz Allen