A Balanced Float Center

Our wholehearted intention is to bring healing to everyONE willing to open up and allow themselves to become the healer in their own lives.

Healing One offers both passive and active approaches to healing.

Active Healing - Engaging activities to help stimulate one mentally and physically so that one may fall into the "Flow State"
(Yoga, Flow Arts, Dance) 

Passive Healing - Surrendering to the healing modality and relinquishing control of any and all outcomes of the session.
(Float, Massage, Energy Healing & Meditation) 


Floating benefits mind & body health, spiritual development, and overall personal well-being.  The practice has been shown to enhance muscle recovery, musculoskeletal awareness, immune function, and enhance stress resistance.

Massage Therapy can increase circulation, increase range of motion, and immune function while decreasing pain, decrease anxieties, alleviate some depressive energies, and decrease stress. 

Infrared Saunas are one of the ultimate machines for eliminating toxins from the body.  Sessions can detoxify the body, promote relaxation, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and purify your skin.

Energy Healing can open up your being to recognize the deeper connection between mind, body, and spirit. Sometimes referred to as a "Massage for the Soul," these sessions can vary greatly depending on your custom session designed by your Healer to guide you in HEALING YOU.