Massage or bodywork is the manipulation of the soft tissues in the body for therapeutic, relaxation, or rejuvenating effects. Benefits of massage include increased circulation and range of motion, alleviation of pain, anxiety, and depression, a decrease in cortisol and stress, and improvement in immune function due to increases in lymph flow and spread of endogenous immune-associated molecules


Massage modalities usually fall under three broad titles: therapeutic, relaxation, or rejuvenating. Therapeutic is used to create change in the body, such as increase your range of motion, stretch or recover tired muscles, support rehabilitation, or improve the posture. Relaxation is most effective for down regulation of the central nervous system and commonly uses long, sweeping strokes to help the receiver fall into a state free of tension and anxiety. Rejuvenation massage usually utilizes faster strokes and kneading to increase circulation and improve vitality, leaving the guest feeling fresh as new. Massage therapists at Healing One use a combination and blending of these techniques depending on the guest and their goals to create a customized and unique healing session for each visit.


10AM - 6PM

We book our massage appointments preferably the day before at the latest, though same day inquires are welcome, as we may have massage therapists available. Please remember to stay hydrated the day before, of, and after your session to improve the detoxifying effects of massage. Healing One offers massage as the perfect compliment to the float experience. Ask us about our Float Massage Combo.


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