Alicia Nicole Kelly

“Your WILLINGNESS to show up means more than you know...not just to be in this room, but to be in this life, not to be in this life, but to be in your physical body...your UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL body, with all it’s PERFECT imperfections! My hope is that by helping you facilitate a better connection with your body, more freedom from pain and limitation, more empowerment in your movement and emotions, that maybe, just’ll remember just how WONDERFUL you truly are.” ♥

Alicia shines from Reno, Nevada, inspired by her mission in this life to become a body expert, she finds passion in all things health, wellness, and healing. As a result of many personal health challenges and injuries, Alicia began learning and consuming as much education, knowledge and certifications as possible to uncover and understand the workings of the body, amidt our modern day environments, lifestyles, and assaults. She resonates and fuses all the healing paths she has been exposed to and hopes to be a catalyst for healing, awareness and tranquility to our people and our planet.


Alicia studied bodywork at the Sedona School of Massage where she learned a wide diversity of techniques, offering an integration experience of traditional Swedish Massage, Deep Connective Tissue Work, Neuromuscular Therapy, Cranio-Sacral, Shiatsu, Polarity, and Aromatherapy infused with a heavy dose of Intuition. Her background in yoga, fitness, dance, nutrition, and detox inspires her ability to see and understand the body. Overall, connection and presence are the focus of every session. Fueled by LOVE, she welcomes everyBODY! ♥