Services provided at Healing One are considered practices. Just like you wouldn’t go to one yoga class and be an expert at every pose, the practice of nothingness and self care take time to master. We gently suggest trying our services several times to gain a fair and even understanding of the benefits.



Individual Service pricing is for stand alone services with no discounts offered.

Frequent Floater passes are discounted bundles of floats, best for guests who do not float every month because they live out of town, etc.

Massage service passes are discounted bundles of massages, best for guests who get massages on a consistent basis.

Healing Packages offer both a massage and float discounted when you purchase the services together.

Float Memberships offer the best bang for your buck! If you are looking to heal on a consistent basis (which we do suggest), float memberships allow guests to pay once monthly for floats, as well as receive the Member Benefits below.

Infrared Sauna & Oxygen Therapy are both offered at Healing One as stand alone services or as discounted services with a membership.

Birthday Floats
Members receive one free float the week of their birthday!
Non Member receive 50% off one float the week of their birthday!