Filtration & Water Cleanliness


If you have ever wondered how Healing One keeps our water so clean, you are not alone. Many people ask us on a daily basis how the water stays clear and safe for the public. Safety is of the utmost importance, as well as staying current with the most up-to-date information from the floatation industry about water chemistry. The standards for float centers have been set jointly by the float industry and health departments within each county. Our floatation center falls under “Spas” as far as Washoe County Health Department standards, and as such, we treat each float tank as its own individual “spa,” following the standards set by law. Because we get asked so often about water cleanliness, we decided to share how the water is cared for and our tank filtration procedure.


We are regulated by WCHD (Washoe County Health Department) and have current Health Permits for each float suite. The WCHD comes in and does two random health inspections for each room every year, and we are proud to say we have always successfully passed.  Float tanks are considered spas within the "pools and spas" category, although we are definitely unique as far as pools or spas are concerned. Everyone showers before and after in their own private showers, and there is no clothes or swimming suits are allowed, preventing the addition of dirt and lint. Each tank has 1,000 + lbs. of Epsom salt ( a natural sanitizer), filtered before and after every single person, and only one person at a time allowed. This salt and water solution is changed out completely every 6-12 months to ensure consistency and effectiveness.

Filtration System

Our filtration system consists of:
1.5 horsepower pump - to circulate the water through the filtration system four times between each floater

10 micron cartridge filter - to catch any debris or contamination (for reference, a human hair is 60 microns)

NSF UV System - a powerful sanitizing system used for treatment of water (kills 99.99% of water borne microorganisms), read here for more information about UV as a sanitizer

Chlorinator - to add residual chlorine to 3-5 ppm, as per Washoe County Health Department standards

In-line heater - Ascension and Serenity have in-line heaters that heat as the filtration is running, while Oasis has a passive heater that heats the solution constantly.

Flow meter - To allow us to read how many gallons per minute (GPM) are flowing through the filtration system and at what rate.

Our filtration inlets - are fitted with VGB fittings so if one becomes blocked, the other one will pull more water instead of only pulling out of one side (this prevents someone from getting stuck in suction).

Mandala Ninja Float Fans - We also have great ventilation with two fans - one that pushes air in, and one that pulls air out to keep temperature and vapor turnover fresh.

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Water Chemistry

Testing of the water for pH, alkalinity, chlorine levels, specific gravity (density of the water), temperature, and water levels happen everyday before anyone floats. We always give ourselves enough time to make any corrections before opening for the day. Consistent testing is the largest marker for a well running float center! Because we test on a consistent and predictable basis, we become familiar with the natural fluctuations of a float tank and are apt at catching anything that looks suspicious immediately. Water chemistry records are kept everyday in the center so they may be referenced back to if need be.

Deep Clean

Every Thursday morning is Deep Clean day at Healing One! This means that we scrub every surface inside and outside of the tank, as well as scrubbing and cleaning every surface in the suites. Wednesday nights after we close we do float tank “shocking” or “breakpoint chlorination,” a key practice to keeping our water clean and pollutant free. When chlorine is added into water, it will bind with any organic substances containing ammonia or nitrogen, creating a molecule known as a chloramine (chloramines are what give public pools that strong chlorine smell that burns your eyes). The process of “shocking” entails adding a larger amount of chlorine to the water to “shock” the water solution and start a process of completely oxidizing all chloramines (contaminants) out of the water. This is like a reset and the the contaminants and chlorine have oxidized by morning, leaving the solution and tank so fresh and so clean!

Constant Learning

We currently have two Certified Pool Operators on staff, which means we have one CPO on on site everyday during business hours. (Our staff is also CPR and First Aid certified!) Every year our owners and managers attend the annual Float Conference, the largest gathering of float center owners and enthusiasts in the world! This helps us stay updated on the newest and most innovative information about sensory deprivation tanks and water sanitation.

If you are interested in a more in depth tour or description of our filtration system, please call Healing One at 775-499-5392 to schedule a time that works with our CPOs, or email Chaz Allen at

Chaz Allen