Intention in Everything


    When Chaz, CEO and founder, first started the conceptual phase of Healing One, it became quickly apparent to him that he was going to need a team to accomplish all that he was foreseeing. He knew he wanted to create not just any center, but a healing center that would nourish his community’s spiritual and physical needs, a hub for all things aware and intentional. Countless hours were spent in conversation with his board members, dialing down every aspect of our operations, customer service, renovations, and even our logo and decor. He realized that it wasn’t about how much time was spent on any one aspect, but the effort and love that were invested into each. Everything in Healing One was created and set up to allow for maximum healing vibrations, from the center build outs to the type of ear plugs we provide. Our effort put forth mirrors our belief: Intention in Everything.


In Healing One’s culture, we always strive to keep in mind that the small things are really big things. Though a pair of earplugs may be expendable to some, it has become increasingly important for us to create sustainable practices within our business. We began to provide reusable earplugs to our guests, with the intention of saving garbage from ending up in our oceans and landfills. This spirit of sustainability immediately spread throughout our structure, extending to our refillable lighters, glass cups instead of plastic or paper, and even our laundry soap. We bought compostable, unbleached tea bags, allowing us to use our tea waste to improve soil, and while the tea is blended, it is blessed to bring relaxing states of mind. From the way we face our crystals to the way we fold our towels, everything is intentional and full of awareness.

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From our first float and massage room build outs, it was important to incorporate those intentions into the space. We wanted each space to reflect the safety, love, and relaxation necessary for optimal healing. It began by painting our intentions for the center on the walls. Though they were painted over, it started the process and evolution with a trajectory that carried us deeper and deeper into helping others. The center itself was set up on a crystal grid that allows energy to be self-renewed and refreshed constantly, allowing for complete grounding of the space and anything released there in. The work was fun and enjoyable, bonding the employees within our mission, and created a place of cooperation and intention. To create safety around our center we put up a sign warning our guests of the “right turn only,” and created tasks for our employees to pick up any garbage in our area, furthering a mentality of ownership for the cleanliness of our environment and our space.


 Customer service has always been a point of pride for Healing One, as we want to treat our guests like family! Our intention is to go above and beyond for everyone, whether they’ve been floating for many years or it’s their first time, striving to create a space of relaxation and openness. We incorporated the Manifest Wall into our space so that others would create their own intentions, bringing them to the forefront of their mind and awareness as they physically exhibit them for the universe to see. Our intention for our customer service is to mirror our Mission Statement -- “Our wholehearted intention is quite simply to bring healing to everyONE willing to allow themselves to open up and become the healer in their own lives.” We also help coordinate healing events within our community to reach out to as many people as possible. To make things fun, we commemorate our floaters’ 100th float and are working to introduce Members Mixers in 2019 to celebrate our Members that are our lifeblood!


   Looking to a larger scale, Healing One strives to do the best we can by our community, our ecology, and our earth. We donate thousands of dollars of services to different fundraisers and non-profits every year, all in the hope of providing support for our local community and small businesses. These donations help everyone, from firefighters and veterans, to patients of illness and people in need. Every company policy we create about our environmental impact is intentional and aware of the importance of recycling, upcycling, reusing, and composting. Though cynics may be doubtful of the significance of these endevours, in the words of David Mitchell in his book Cloud Atlas, we know our effort “...amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”

Intention In Everything

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