Candice Connolly

Candice believes in a slightly more gentle approach to bodywork, offering Intuitive Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Therapeutic Massage. Day to day life can put quite the strain on our bodies and through her personal experience she has witnessed the profound effects of a more gentle approach to self-care. Implementing deeper, more therapeutic work when called for, her style is a perfect blend.  She graduated from the Bodhi Tree Center for Healing Arts in February 2019, where she studied an array of Massage techniques, Aromatherapy and a variety of Energy Healing modalities. 

Candice is a certified Reiki II practitioner and enjoys offering a variety of Energy Healing alongside her bodywork. Some of her favorite massage modalities are Fascial Freedom Therapy, Therapeutic Cupping massage, Lomi Lomi massage, Reflexology, and Hot Stone. Each of these wonderfully specific applications, including energy work, is available by special request with Candice. Blending a few modalities within each session, often weaving energy work and aromatherapy through the massage, assures you a unique experience. 


Candice views the body as a vehicle for our spirit and feels it not only appreciates but also requires consistent maintenance to continually perform and function at its optimum level. Similarly, if we were to view our bodies as a house then her sincere hope and main goal is to help each client feel more at home in their bodies. She enjoys educating her clients as she works with them to deepen their personal understanding of their own bodies and habits or patterns that may be creating issues in their tissues!

Candice feels the deepest healing occurs when we are able to open ourselves up, surrender into the unknown, embrace vulnerability and believe in the limitless possibilities. 

When working together in a session she knows it is important for you to feel safe and open, in order to communicate and express yourself. Candice views herself as a vessel and a teammate or tool for your system to work with in assisting the facilitation of your desired Healing. She believes the Healer is within each and every one of us and she is merely a spark or conduit to help ignite your own personal healing potential from within.

~When I is turned into We, illness becomes wellness; because together we can~

Candice also teaches yoga, currently in the Northwest Reno area. She has always shown an interest for health and wellness. Born with a passion to be of service for the greater good. Body movement and integration is so important to her, and has become the focus of her careers. She feels greatly blessed and honored to be sharing these ancient holistic healing practices with others. Her own personal healing journey began years ago and she certainly feels it will be a life long love affair and commitment to herself and a service to others. 

Candice is proud to be a Tahoe native and adores the Reno/Tahoe area. Outside of healing work and yoga, Candice enjoys spending quality time with her daughter Iris and their dog Gemma. She loves spending time in nature and enjoying the great outdoors year round. 

~ Sincerely wishing you a blessed full life; cheers to the journey